About Scrap This

Welcome to Scrap This! I can take your most cherished memories of loved ones and incorporate them into scrap booking works of art. I know it is time consuming, takes a lot of patience and creativity to organize photos in an attractive, user friendly way. That is what I am here for! I take your family photos and other memorabilia and arrange them in a well manicured scrapbook to cherish for a lifetime. Imagine being able to pass around a beautiful scrapbook instead of handing over an envelope of pictures from Wal-Mart! Depending on your preferences, you can choose to either have me create a page or two with your family photos, or even a whole book. All of these choices are up to you as well as other options such as which pictures to send, sending method via USPS or through e-mail, what themes to use, what to NOT use, etc. There are so many possibilities. I have many references for any of you that would be interested in making your family photos an album to cherish forever.