Pricing & Options

My prices listed below does not include shipping.  Shipping is $8.00 (and that includes delivery confirmation) for pages and $12.95 (also includes delivery confirmation) for a book.

Prices are as follows:

For every page is $5.00 a piece regardless of how much is wanted on a page.  Per page requires 15-20 minutes to complete.  Once you place your order I can tell you how much time will be needed depending on the order size.

If a book is needed, the books range from $11.99 to $39.99. It all depends on if you want a plain one or specialty design cover and the size.  I do 8.5x11 and 12x12.  If you happen to find one you really like, you are more than welcome to send it along with the pictures and/or memorabilia.  If you have any stickers, embellishments, rub-ons, etc. You can also send those too and the price per page will be reduced since I would be using your items.

How To Order

Below are the instructions on how to order:

1. Get together all of your pictures and memorabilia.

2. Decide on what type of themes could be used or wanted then I can gather products for you to accompany your themes.

3.  You can either mail or e-mail me the pictures. If you mail them, please put them in chronological order.  If you decide to e-mail them, number them or date them so I know what order they go in also. I want to make sure when I am putting it together that the pictures are in the correct order!

4.When you have everything decided (themes, colors, what not to use, etc.) Please e-mail me with your full name, address, child(s) name, and other family names that is in the pictures, PayPal e-mail, and any other little information you want to give me! You can never tell me too little or too much!  Please e-mail to

5.  I will need a $10.00 deposit which will be taken off of your total at the end. I will send you an invoice. The reason for this is so if something is needed that I currently do not have I can order it and plus if I will need to hold on to items because it is not able to be purchased when I am completed. That is paid to PayPal via the e-mail address If I am having to order a scrapbook, I can show you the different ones, and you pick which one is needed, and I will also need the money upfront for your book so I have the book to put it together.

6.  You will then need to mail the pictures to me, or e-mail them to me at

7.  Once I receive them, I will start on your wonderful scrapbook pages (or book).

8.  After I get some completion, I will take pictures and send to you via the e-mail address that shows on your PayPal account unless otherwise noted. Unless you want it to be kept a surprise!

9.  When I am completed I will finish taking pics of them and e-mail them to you (if you want to keep it a surprise that is fine too!) and ship via USPS. For pages it is $8.00 and that includes delivery confirmation.  For books it is $12.95 and that includes delivery confirmation as well.

*Note: If you want to, you CAN send me extra pictures and have me pick out good ones to use.  That is fine by me, you just specify to me if you want all of the pictures used or if you would like for me to pick and choose.  All options are up to you.

Any other questions, you can use the Contact Me form below or e-mail me at

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